16 October 2017

Midway for October Challenge #72: Tic Tac Toe

Hello Peeps
Hope life is treating you fine and all is well with you and yours...
We seem to be doing OK at the moment so fingers crossed! We are in that season when there is every good reason to be hopeful ....

You will never know what you can  find in Tasmania!
Callington Mill at Oatlands looks extra charming with the pretty pink blossom in bloom.
For more info, see:
Image: instagram.com/nise41w

What was that challenge about then??? Oh, that's right
Tic Tac Toe 
TWIST journal about the decision making process










Instructions for the Peeps:
  • You must chose only one row across or down or diagonally - remember three in a row
  • You have to choose only these three items from the grid to add to your work
  • a good rule to remember: you cannot choose for example ribbon, string and stickers, as none of the edges of these boxes touch
Yes, there is a prize:

Here 'tis!

Lets see what other inspiration I can find for you...

DT member Wynn has come up with this amazing card....

Lace, bling and die cuts

...and I played with an idea off Pinterest again......

String, Lace and Ribbon

Remember, anything paper crafters might make but no stamps, please!

You can enter HERE

09 October 2017

Are you a Winner?

Well, we are all winners really, aren't we? I guess I meant are you the random number winner for September for this challenge? If your name is Alise  then you are!!!

The DT Favorite for September is 

We have an encouragement award as well 

So much concentrated effort shown in the making!

October is moving along fast - and you have three weeks left to complete your project and enter it for the current challenge #73

Tic Tac Toe 
TWIST journal about the decision making process

There is a prize on offer
You an go HERE for more details and to enter

The DT have some other bits of inspiration for you to draw on

CG - String, Brad, Stickers

Susan: Flowers, Diecuts, Stickers

Enough inspiration? No. You want another photo?

A gorgeous female pink robin in the snow on kunanyi/Mt Wellington thanks to Photography By Nikki Long who says:

The little female Pink Robin 💕 They are so tiny and sweet and this one has just a tinge of pink on her chest which does happen from time to time with females. And bless her for landing in some snow for me. She was a fair distance away but kept still long enough for me to get a shot. 


02 October 2017

Spring has Sprung! Time for a new challenge.....

....and I think you will all like it!

Firstly, a photo from beautiful Tasmania - in fact from Maria Island, off the East Coast of Tasmania.

A stunning sunset on Maria Island thanks to Jan Greig.

Maria Island is a special place with something for everyone - historic ruins, sweeping bays, rugged cliffs and mountains, and remarkable wildlife. Set just off the warm East Coast, the island is easily accessed by ferry. 

Once on the island you will discover a place where there are no motor vehicles, no shops and no worries.
Dwell on that for a while and then look at the newest challenge:  we want you to play Tic Tac Toe!

Tic Tac Toe 
TWIST journal about the decision making process










Instructions for the Peeps:
  • You must chose only one row across or down or diagonally - remember three in a row
  • You have to choose only these three items from the grid to add to your work
  • a good rule to remember: you cannot choose for example ribbon, string and stickers, as none of the edges of these boxes touch
Yes, there is a prize - random draw - but it is not photographed yet! I will have it up as soon as I can!
(Secret: there is a Uni assignment due in 24 hours and I cannot do anything until that is complete!)

Here 'tis!

The Design Team have some inspiration ready for you:

Now, you have a month to enter this challenge - so start thinking!

25 September 2017

Final Post for Challenge #72

Helloo Peeps, especially new Peeps and there are a few new ones lately!

We hope you are all well, happy and crafting up a storm! 

There is a final week to go for Challenge #72

The theme is sets of three

The TWIST is to use cardboard

There is a prize on offer for a random number draw but
 you will not get a chance to win that 
unless you enter and 
your entry has 



The Design Team has a last hurrah to give you something to think on

Now, you can go 

and link up!

18 September 2017

Week Three for Unstampabelles:

Hello Peeps - another week of world uncertainty! Hope all you who were stressed over flooding and windy days are now OK or on the road to recovery and that all the nasty extremes of climate change have dissipated around you for the moment! Beautiful autumn is arriving for those of you who live on the top part of this big blue ball we all inhabit; while it is spring for the rest of us!

That mean's it has been mighty cold lately! And snowy! With a bit of a frosty morning thrown in. Oh, and overcast - however, we have had lot's of Aurora's too - know by the northerners as the Northern Lights! We call her (yes, she is female) Aurora or The Lady. If you want to get up in the middle of the night in the cold and follow her siren call, you can get some amazing photo's. Me, I prefer my bed and then drool over the work of others!

The historical Ross Bridge… like you’ve never seen her before thanks to Scott Wilmot Bennett who says:

Just after midnight all the warring elements seemed to align. The wind dropped, the clouds started to clear, the moonlight, the fog and even the bridge spotlight, yielded to Aurora's mighty light.

I have taken a photo of a playpus in this river just under the left side of the bridge on cold winter's day a few years ago. This township is about 1.5 hours away from us in what is know as the midlands of Tasmania. It is bypassed by the highway, so you have to deliberately mean to go there and when you do the bridge is a hidden gem.  Can you see the stars shining through as well?

There are some stars on my DT as well!
They have some more inspiration for you for the current challenge

The theme is sets of three

The TWIST is to use cardboard

There is a prize on offer for a random number draw but

 you will not get a chance to win that 

unless you enter and 
your entry has NO STAMPS PLEASE.


So, here is the inspiration:

While thinking of the Design Team, a shout-out to one of ours Shylaa who is currently experiencing medical problems and is in hospital for a while. Get better quicker and keep well, Shylaa - we are all sending positive thoughts your way. Hope you can play with a bit of crafting to keep you from going bonkers in there! Colouring-in is a great calming activity!

You can go HERE to enter your work Peeps.

11 September 2017

Winners for August and latest challenge!

Hello Peeps!

Today, I have to announce the random winner for August's challenge - and to tell you who the DT voted for as Favorite(s)......yes, too many to pick between this time!

Therefore, Judy from Judy W Blog, who surprisingly also won the random number prize, was a DT pick - I think it that cheeky smile that did it for us all!

Congratulations on the prize and DT pick Judy

However, two other's were also nominated for the DT Favorite and rather than split them (impossible and they were in no particular order) I decided to go with both of them as well:

So ingenious


So pretty

These pieces showcase show one can use the paper arts without using a stamp to create a beautiful project and have fun along the way. I love my stamps and play with them often but this challenge blog is all about not using them and finding a way to make something attractive without resorting to a stamp of any kind, including digital.

Congratulations creative people!

Judy also managed to get a request for a Guest Designer piece to me in time for this post!
It is based on Father's Day which was just last week here in Australia - that is fast scrapping!

Her newest work.....

Hi, I am so honoured to be asked to be a guest designer for Unstampabelles this month.  Although I do make cards for friends and family, scrapbooking is my passion at the moment. I also enjoy many other crafts including sewing and embroidery and find that I can often combine these crafts. I live in tropical north Queensland and now that I have retired I spend quite a lot of time travelling (but always with some crafty project keep me busy) .

I loved this challenge and really enjoyed finding ways to incorporate scraps of cardboard to include on my layout - the photo is mounted on biscuit box cardboard and the corrugated card is from a packing box. I have used lots of “3”s in my layout - stars, pennants, tags and paper strips behind the photo!

Another stunning piece of crafting without using a stamp!

As you can work out from Judy's words above, the challenge is 

#72: Sets of Three
TWIST use cardboard

Don't like me become obsessed with using cardboard and 
forget that the challenge is really about sets of three!

I saw you could make this basket from a toilet roll on Pinterest so had a go - 
then didn't know what to do with it so used some of my new pixie powders and water on it (after I made it!!!!) and then filled it with flowers.....

There are more details on my blog

The cactus pot & flowers were die-cut from the cardboard front of a package of Tim Holtz paper.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to go off and create!

You can enter it HERE
and have the rest of the month to do so!

04 September 2017

Challenge #72: Sets of Three TWIST use cardboard

Time for the September Challenge!

We switched into Spring on the 1st September, and we had a lovely day 
but the night sky was the best!

Franklin last night (1st Sept) thanks to Julien Johnston from Mojoh Photography who says:

Boy the Lady Wowed us last night !

This was taken at Franklin on the Huon River and I lived at the next township (Castle Forbes Bay) for quite a few years - or my parents did  and I occasionally lobbed in - but I cannot say I ever saw an aurora while there - perhaps I had my head in the pillow!

Anyway, the weather has decided to bring all four seasons now and lots of wind 
so we can say Spring has arrived!

On to the challenge:

#72: Sets of Three
TWIST use cardboard

Sets of three please the eye apparently so when designing and adding embellishments, remembering to work in odd numbers and in particularly, sets of three enhances your work. It is a rule to abide by until you get to a stage when breaking it works better - I am far off that stage!

Now, you can either use three different papers, or embellies or three of an embellishment or three of something......really, it is your interpretation but if you break out of the design one, please plead your case in your blog explanation as it makes it easier for us to decide if it fits the theme.

Now, the word cardboard has different meanings in the craft world depending where you come from. In the USA, chipboard is mostly cardboard while in Australia it can be cardboard or wood. We are looking for the more malleable, softer card-board rather than a solid wood or softer thick card. It is used to make food boxes and so you can repurpose or re-cycle or you can use a chipboard embellishment if it is cut from a thick card. 

You could go to this length:

Cardboard town...art club.... for the display case... awesome.

Oh So Crafty

Homemade Christmas Star Ornament - DIY Christmas Ornaments - Good Housekeeping

Pinterest has wayyyyyy too many ideas.............for using chipboard BUT where is the theme of three?

Remember, the theme is sets of three

The TWIST is to use the cardboard

There is a prize on offer for a random number draw and you will not get a chance to win that unless you enter and your entry has NO STAMPS PLEASE.


The DT has a bit of inspiration for you to draw on:

You can follow the links to the blogs and find out more!

Then come back and link your entry!


28 August 2017

Challenge#71: Last chance


What a gorgeous little face… a great capture of this little fella at Cradle Mountain thanks to Phil Kitt Photography.

I do love wombats - I love the way they waddle.......

It's your last week for this challenge and then it is gone forever....that could be a good thing or not, perhaps for you!

So, start collaging!!!!

Collage, collage, collage... 

TWIST venture into multi- media

Random Number Prize

Some more inspiration 


So lets see your work before the end of the week!

21 August 2017

Week 3 Challenge #71 - Collage and TWIST Multimedia

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature

A stunning capture of the King Billy Pine Track at Cradle Mountain thanks to Ben O'Loughlin who says:

The ground here is littered with the remains of trees that have fallen here throughout its history, which are slowly consumed by this verdant carpet of moss, lichen, slime moulds and fungus which in turn feed the vascular plants and trees. Even in the depths of winter this forest does not sleep.


What is the current challenge?

Collage, collage, collage... 

TWIST venture into multi- media
(multimedia means using two or more mediums together: so paint and texture paste or glue and paper or seed beads and paste/glue or ribbon, flowers and paint......)

Random Number Prize

Collage  is a technique of an art production where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.
A collage may sometimes include magazine and newspaper clippingsribbonspaint, bits of colored or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or texts, photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper or canvas.

Week three and it is plain to see the challenge is throwing up it's own challenges!

I wanted to demonstrate how you can combine collage and multi media easily:

In my first card, I have use Dylusion's paints to create a background by smearing various colours to create a moody backdrop for my trees, which are die cut out of music sheets. Add the sentiment and the bird and some shiny mount for effect........

In the second one, I have used the same paper to diecut the branch. I have used various scrap pieces of paper to create a layered background - the sky is a scrap left over from working with Dylusional sprays for another project.The sun's rays are from texture paste with some paint added to colour them  and some kiddie glitz glue for the centre of the sun.

See, it is not that hard......just get creative!

The DT have some things to share too.



You can go HERE to enter.